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Hi, I'm Ryan

I'm junior UX designer that solve problems for digital products to create innovative & joyful user experiences 
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see some of my work

Featured Projects

ElectiTree AR Helmet

An exploration of how Augmented reality can be used in the tree surgeon industry to help improve safety and risk management when working near live electrical lines


A discovery of a new family focused way of banking in Northern Ireland for the digital age

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Kainos work platform

An online platform to improve working & company connection while retaining culture and values

About Me.

I'm a digital product designer based in Belfast, with the goal of creating clean & user friendly digital experiences. I graduated from ulster universities masters UX program in September 2022. With an undergraduate background in product design I wanted to broden my design skills and knowledge to be more suitable in the digital design field. Although my prior knowledge and experience was in spacial and physical design, I wanted to move into the digital design field as I felt it offered greater freedom and variety in terms of industries and projects that I could be apart of.


Once I discovered the problems that could be solved through ux and the impact this could have on have people's to people's everyday lives I knew this is the direction I wanted to take my career. My key interests in the field tend to be in areas of emerging technology as I believe these are they areas that will have the greatest contribution to people's lives in the future. 

Since graduating I have been spending time developing my skills and knowledge working with a small freelance team on a local companies website redesign.

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